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By Majaha Nkonyane | 2017-12-07

Swazi Wire has cried foul about companies that bring sub-standard products as this is crippling a lot of businesses.

Swazi Wire Managing Director Dave Allen said this during the Swaziland Standards Authority (SWASA) certification handover ceremony that was held at Mountain Inn. 

He decried the lack of laws which could force companies to abide by standards and blamed foreign elements who import inferior goods into the country.

“There is no law in the country that forces companies to abide by standards, that is why we have South African companies that are importing stuff into the country with less standards.

“We request the government, through SWASA, to prohibit the importation of sub-standard products which prevent companies from competing,” he said.

Allen said continued infiltration of poor quality goods was not only crippling businesses in the country but posed a danger to consumers.

“This also exposes consumers to material which is cheap and won’t last them as they cannot spot the difference between the right products to use and those which are similar but of proper quality,” he said.

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