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By Crime Watch | 2023-06-04

In an endeavour to enhance community safety and prevent crime, the Royal Eswatini Police Service (REPS) donated of school uniforms to destitute pupils from St John Bosco Primary in Malkerns.

The donation which included complete sets of uniform, shoes and backpacks was championed by the Malkerns Police Station Community Safety Department. The benefiting pupils were selected by the teachers and they were seven (7) in total.

Assistant Superintendent Dumisa Tsabedze who was representing the Manzini Regional Commissioner said the police service has a role to play in shaping the next generation of citizens. He stated that the donation is one of several strategies employed by the police service in enhancing community safety in the country.

Speaking during the presentation, St John Bosco Primary School Principal Lencane Dlamini stated that the donation would contribute positively in EO growth and development of the children while making them feel welcome in the school. She said the purpose of a uniform was to ensure that all children look the same and equally belong to the school.

The principal said children were the future of the nation, therefore, taking good care of them was important. She urged parents of the benefiting children to support them by ensuring that their uniforms are always clean. She commended Malkerns Police Station for the donation and further urged other entities to copy such a noble initiative of helping the needy.

Outreach programmes such as extending a helping hand to those in need form part of community, based policing approaches utilised by the Royal Eswatini Police Service in eradicating crime in society as well as creating good relations with the public.

The belief is that poverty is often the trigger for a host of social problems such as juvenile delinquency which inevitably breeds crime, hence providing some of the basic needs can be a viable proactive strategy.

The National Commissioner of Police –Tsitsibala W.W. Dlamini is on record saying that young people are an embodiment of the future therefore, it is paramount that they are well looked after so that they can grow up to be outstanding members of the society. He further stated that outreach programmes for empowering under privileged people in society were an integral part in crime prevention.

In truth, everyone has a duty to help keep young people safe by ensuring that the needy and disadvantaged children are not lured into committing crime as this has serious consequences.  

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