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By Mbono Mdluli | 2017-11-15

In effort to get rid of occupation of Swazi Nation Land (SNL) by the illegal immigrants, chiefs should enjoy a steady salary every month.

This was a recommendation made by the Parliament Select Committee that was tasked to investigate the influx of illegal immigrants, particularly those of Asian origin. The committee was concerned by the rate at which the illegal immigrants were occupying the SNL.

SNL is land held in trust for the nation by the King. The King holds this land using chiefs, by whom he rules the country.

The country is mostly covered by this kind of land, which is found in rural areas.


The problem found by the committee was that the illegal immigrants took advantage of the fact that chiefs were not paid steady salaries.

 This led them to be easily used by the illegal immigrants to get vast pieces of land on SNL. Chairman of the probe team Zombodze Emuva MP Titus Thwala was of the view that it was imperative for the chiefs to be paid to avoid such instances.

Thwala said in Zambia, chiefs were enjoying  being chiefs as their government gives them salaries  and  security.

Such a move proved to be sustainable for them. He also made an example of South Africa, where chiefs were also paid decent salaries and were given vehicles by the South African government.

However, MP Princess Ncengencenge was of the view that paying chiefs was not a necessary step in eradicating the corruption of illegal immigrants.

She argued that chiefs were able to lead their chiefdoms without having to be paid and the country had been stable.

Thwala, in response to MP Princess Ncengencenge’s statement, said it had to be accepted that times had changed now and many things were done using money.

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