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By Mbono Mdluli | 2017-11-14

Home Affairs Principal Secretary (PS) Anthony Masilela and Acting Chief Immigration Officer Makhosi Simelane should be transferred from the ministry of home affairs.

This was said in the House of Assembly when Zombodze Emuva MP Titus Thwala moved that the House adopt the report of the select committee investigating the influx of illegal immigrants, particularly of Asian origin.

Thwala, who is the chairman of the committee, was seconded by Mtfongwaneni MP Mjuluko Dlamini.

The House of Assembly recommended that the investigations should not happen while the two officers were still in office. The MPs also recommended that Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs Edgar Hillary should be given the report of the Asian committee so that he gives it to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to further investigate it further.

In the meantime, illegal Asians in the country should be investigated by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).  The intention would be to deport all illegal Asians to their original countries. The investigations by the ACC should date back 20 years ago. The committee was also advised by the citizenship board that nothing would happen while Masilela and Simelane were still at Home Affairs.  The MPs acknowledged that the ACC was independent and was not answerable to Parliament.

They would not directly instruct the ACC to investigate the matter, but would only call the justice ministry to account after six months.


‘Illegal Asians pay E45 000 for passports’

Illegal Asians were made to pay E45 000 to get passports for them to easily go to the developed world.

This was said by Zombodze Emuva MP Titus Thwala, when motivating MPs to adopt the report. He stated that Asians were made to pay E45 000 for Swazi documents like visas, permits, and passports.

Thwala submitted that passports were given at such huge amounts because they were in demand by the Asians.

The Asians found difficulties in travelling to the developed world like Europe and America when using their Asian travel documents.

They had to get Swazi travel documents so that they could easily travel to the developed world.


The Zombodze Emuva legislator mentioned that in their report, Principal Secretary Anthony Masilela and Acting Chief Immigration Officer Makhosi Simelane were the masterminds of the alleged mess at Home Affairs. The E45 000 was allegedly paid to them.

During the investigations, the committee was once furnished with a document that had a list of 19 Asians that are said to have applied for the Swazi passports. However, the committee found that only one of the 19 Asians had made the application and the other 18 had not.

But they were all given the passports.


The Asians are said to have all allegedly paid the E45 000 to the two officers.

This means the officials could have made E855 000 from this incident alone.

 Thwala said the two officials could not have been alone when doing this.

They could have also used some of the staff members to do their shenanigans but they were the masters of the now stinking situation in the ministry.

Masilela is also blamed for forcing drivers and other workers in the ministry to pay bribes.

The workers would pay the bribes because the PS would have recommended them to go on external trips in neighbouring countries. The workers would be made to pay E1 000 bribes to the principal secretary because they would have been given allowances for their external trips.

Thwala said that was the reason why they were made to recommend that both Masilela and Simelane be transferred from home affairs.

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