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By Nokwanda Sibandze | 2022-01-15

Every year the country is introduced to a new breed of talented young individuals.
It is interesting and always exciting to see these young people come out of their shell and give us the best of what they can offer.

The past two years have been hard for the entertainment and art industry but some aspiring artists persevered and we love to see it because for us it means we get to witness talent at its best.

Maybe the pandemic was a curse and a blessing at the same time because more and more young people came out to showcase their talents. It is also with the help of social media platforms that we were able to witness all the talent that has been discovered over the past two years.
With more and more young people using social media, more feel the need to broadcast the hidden talents that they have.
This week, Lifestyle and Entertainment Desk looked for some of the young people that inspired a lot of other people in the country. Having the opportunity to speak with one of them, there is no doubt that in 2022, Eswatini will get to see some of these talents unfold and become the best we have ever seen.

It surely will be an interesting year and we love that it for every young person who is taking their passion to the next level and more than anything we love they share their passion with us on a daily basis.
This is no different than what Christian Maz does every day.  His real name is Siphiwosihle Christian Maziya.
He shares his talent and gift with the kingdom and the world. It is exciting seeing him grow to become one of the best poets in the country.

Being only in the industry for three years, it is safe to say he has achieved a lot in the short period of time.  
Last year, Eswatini was introduced this young poet.
The young poet did not only take the country by storm but he went on to win two awards in the same year.
Taking home the Social Media Award for Poet of the Year and SWAMA award for Best Poet, this young man is definitely one to watch out for this year.

He is not only passionate about the art but he also hopes that it will take him to greater heights.
Inspired by a lot of other poets in the country and abroad Christain Maz took the time to chat to us about his goals and ambitions.
He is a pupil at Ka-Schiele High School in his final year.
The poet said he describes himself as a lover of words and a God fearing person.
His love for playing with words began in 2019 when he realised he had a talent in writing. This then led to him performing at every opportunity he got.

“I started writing back in 2019 when I was doing Form 3. I would then perform during the school’s assembly in the morning and that is where it all started.”

Since starting his journey, he said he has grown in such a way that his writing skills scare him now.
He believes he has improved immensely from when he started.
“I am more comfortable on stage than just being in my room. I love seeing people being healed by words.” He added these are just some of the reasons he keeps doing what he does.

He said nothing beats the feeling of seeing people react to his work, especially when he is on stage reciting a poem.
His biggest inspiration is doing things that scare him but most importantly he said he was mostly inspired by prayer.

The God-fearing young man revealed being a praying individual has helped him stay inspired throughout his journey.  
Scooping two awards in the same year was also one of the things that inspire him.
He said although he was really entirely grateful to have won these awards at such a young age, he realises that they were an opportunity for him to do more and grow his talent even further.

“Winning those awards does not make me great but it calls for more work to be done. Not only did I get the opportunity to meet other artists but it also helped me realise that I have mich more to do in this space.”

With everything that has happened to this young since starting his career, his goal and aspirations are clearer now.
He hopes that with his newly found fame, he would be able to achieve his other goals such as being an MC and preaching the Word of God whenever he gets an opportunity.

The poet also attributes his success to a lot of people that include his late grandmother who he believes taught him a number of valuable lessons that he lives by everyday of his life.

“I am grateful to my late Grandmother for the lessons she thought us growing up. Not having it all really plays an enormous role in one's life. I thank her for everyday for everything that she taught us.”
He also aspires to be and do other things with his life.

He said he hopes that in the future he would be able to invest in and have a deeper relationship with God.
His wishes also include travelling the world and meeting more people that inspire him.

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