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By KWANELE DHLADHLA | 2021-11-25

RENAC has presented caterers with a business opportunity for the provision of inflight catering services.

In the request for proposals (RFP), which has been issued by Eswatini Public Procurement Regulatory Agency (ESPPRA), it was disclosed that the catering contract will be for an initial period of three years, subject to satisfactory performance of the caterer.

The contract is expected to commence from March 2022 tentatively. The Royal Eswatini National Airways explained that caterers may quote their rates for a period of three years as required and also should hold the prices firm for the first two years from the actual date of commencement of the contract.

It was stipulated that the rates agreed upon should remain firm for the first two-year period of the contract and for third year, price escalation as per Consumer Price Index (CPI) based price increase will be taken into consideration for negotiations.

Tenderers were requested to submit their best possible quotations in their commercial bid as it was not intended to hold negotiations with all parties. RENAC pointed out that raw materials and ingredients used in preparing meals and other food items and its packing material such as aluminium foil covers, butter paper, sandwich bags and snack bags should be of the best quality and preferably having necessary grading etc (wherever applicable) and should comply with the international standards and regulations with regard to use of plastic and other items.

It was clarified that there will be no charges for the packing materials. Quality In order to achieve the maximum passenger satisfaction, RENAC mentioned that it was expected from the caterers that the food was prepared in such a manner that it would be of best quality, wholesome, having taste and good presentation.

“It is, therefore, absolutely necessary that the raw material used is of best quality,” RENAC emphasised. Upon award of the tender, the parties could enter into a contract which will spell out in more detail the items mentioned herein. Reliable Interested tenderers should note that RENAC seeks only reliable, financially stable vendors who can meet its stringent cost, quality and service requirements.

Tenderers were advised that they should double check the prices quoted for accuracy before submitting their tender documents. “Under no circumstances will RENAC accept any request for price adjustment on grounds that a mistake was made in the tendered prices,” advised RENAC.

Interested companies should note that to assist in the examination, evaluation and comparison of tenders, RENAC may, at its discretion, ask the tenderer for a clarification on any part of its tender. The request for clarification and the response shall be in writing, and no change in the prices or substance of the tender shall be sought, offered or permitted.

By submission of the tender, the tenderers were informed they would implicitly be certifying that the prices in the tender have been arrived at independently without consultation, communication or agreement for the purpose of restricting competition, as to any matter relating to such prices, with any other competitor.

Unless otherwise required by law, RENAC stated that prices quoted in the tender should have not knowingly been disclosed by the tenderer and should be disclosed, directly or indirectly to any other contestant until results of the tender have been issued. “RENAC does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender nor give any reason for the acceptance or rejection of a tender. Acceptance An acceptance by such a letter will not mean RENAC is binding itself to an agreement.

“RENAC shall only be bound under the agreement once the terms and conditions of the contract are agreed between the parties,” it was stipulated. RENAC is a company with limited liability incorporated in accordance with the Company’s Act of the Kingdom of Eswatini. The corporation holds both Aviation Fuel and Ground Handling Licences.

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