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By BONGIWE DLAMINI | 2021-04-07

ANGRY and grieving families yesterday stormed the Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Hospital, demanding answers on the circumstances that led to the death of their loved ones who had gone there to deliver their babies. The affected families were not satisfied with the doctor’s explanation on what caused the death of the young women and were further shocked to discover that their uterus had been completely removed and intestines cut, in what was an operation gone wrong. Information gathered was to the effect that the incidents happened about a week apart during the months of March and April 2021. The affected families are the Gamedzes from Madonsa in Manzini and the Malazas from Mvutshini. The Gamedzes’ plight was aired in one of the local television stations recently. According to Makhosazane Gamedze (57), her daughter Nosimilo Gamedze (34) died at RFM on March 24, after she was admitted to the hospital for delivery on March 23. Gamedze said on the day her daughter was admitted to the hospital, she called and informed her that she was in labour. On the phone, the elderly woman said, her daughter sounded fine. The following morning, Gamedze said she tried in vain to reach Nosimilo through her mobile phone. She said this did not alarm her until she received a phone call from Nosimilo’s husband infrorming her that they needed to rush to the hospital to donate blood for Nosimilo. However, when Gamedze arrived at the hospital to donate the blood, she was told the doctor who had attended to her daughter would address her. Identified To her dismay, the elderly woman said, a female doctor who first identified herself (name deliberately withheld) relayed the sad news that Nosimilo had died. When probed, the doctor reportedly stated that after Nosimilo delivered her baby, the placenta did not come out as expected and she was bleeding profusely. Therefore, the doctor is said to have taken Nosimilo to the theatre to remove the placenta. “The doctor said during the operation, ubhudlute Nosimilo’s uterus and intestines,’’ Gamedze stated. Gamedze said when asked what this meant; the doctor was not keen on giving answers so the assumption was that the uterus and intestines were unintentionally tampered with. Further, the elderly woman said the doctor informed her that she got too scared when this happened so much that she even forgot to quickly resuscitate Nosimilo from an induced coma. Also, the doctor is said to have permitted Gamedze to view Nosimilo’s body only on the upper part yet she (Gamedze) wanted to view the whole body. Found The body was then taken to a mortuary on the same day, and on Friday before Nosimilo’s burial, Gamedze said, her daughters’ uterus was found in a bucket next to her corpse in a coffin. “We were surprised because the doctor did not tell us that the uterus was completely removed. We wonder how the uterus got to the morgue without our knowledge since it was not there when the body was taken there,” the aggrieved woman stated. According to Gamedze, this and the fact that there were other dissimilar details to the matter that the doctor allegedly told different members of the family, resulted in further discontentment hence the resolve to involve the media. Worth noting is that after the story was aired, the Malaza family came out to claim that the same thing had happened to them. A Malaza family member said Bongekile Malaza (25) died last Friday after her uterus was supposedly unintentionally removed during delivery. The 25-year-old is said to have been admitted to RFM on March 26, 2021, and her baby died on the following day after delivery. When it was buried on Sunday March 28,201, a bucket with Bongekile’s uterus was found inside the baby’s coffin. Meanwhile, the new mother was fighting for her life in hospital after she lost a lot of blood. Her family’s attempts to get answers from the institution reportedly proved futile until she died last Friday. When the Malazas learnt that there was another families that suffered tha same fate, they arranged to all go to RFM yesterday to demand answers. However, despite the fact that the doctor agreed to meet the families to discuss the matter last week, the doctor could not be found at RFM. Further attempts to get help from the doctor’s superiors yesterday proved futile as the head of department said this was all news to him, adding that he would have to engage the concerned doctor first before forging a way forward. When sought for comment, Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Hospital’s Chief Executive Officer Ben Simelane said he was not aware of the matter. He asked to be given some time to contact the aggrieved families. After getting an insight from the Gamedzes and Malazas, the CEO said they arranged to meet today to discuss a way forward.

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