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By ZWELETHU DLAMINI | 2021-03-01

Yesterday several members of the public visited the Mbabane Worship Centre led by Apostle Justice Dlamini for kuphahla (offering) ritual. This followed that the man of the cloth had last week invited members of the public to attend the ritual on Saturday after fasting for seven days, where after giving the offering, they would be given anointing oil and a rag for their deliverance. However, his message was interpreted as though he would be selling these items at an amount of not less than E500, which resulted in strong criticism on various social media platforms. Dlamini then issued another invite where he clarified why people had to come with offering of a minimum of E500 to receive their blessing and then get the said items. “I would like to provide clarity to all God’s people who have heard me speaking of the anointing oil and the piece of cloth, especially those who may have interpreted to mean that these are for sale, they are not for sale. “The important thing is to listen to the whole sermon (audio) because we want you to be delivered. For you to be delivered you ought to fast for seven days. Then on the Saturday February 27 (yesterday), or Sunday 28 (today), you try to get a car and come to Worship Centre, bringing an offering for your deliverance,” he said. Dlamini said this offering would be put at the altar of the church where the worshippers speak to God about their problems. “You will speak to God and say the Apostle has assisted me, my success in life was blocked by people who went to witchdoctors and paid money so that I may be a failure. With this offering and the fasting that I have just completed I am here to unblock my blessings. I am putting forward this deserving amount of money that I have prepared as those who blocked my blessings paid handsomely to activate the sufferings and poverty on my life,” he added. Dlamini said he would then give them the anointing oil and the cloth as well as red grape juice free of charge. He, however, stated that the offering for the ritual was not less than E500 depending on the nature of the suffering or challenges faced by that individual, it could grow to the value of a cow. Indeed yesterday people from different parts of the country were found at Worship Centre where they had come for the ritual. One such is Musa Macwele* from Siphocosini who despite having not managed to get a car decided to go to the church for the ritual which he said he believed would give him blessings and peace. “Yes, I had come for the ritual and I left five others waiting to see the Apostle. Depending on your problems some take up to 20 minutes, while others take 10 minutes. I received the cloth, the oil as well as the one litre of red grape juice, after my session,” he said. He did not say how much he paid for the services.

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