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By Phetsile Mamba | 2021-01-14

SAXOPHONIST Zwile won over South Africa’s Big Zulu for his version of his song ‘Imali eningi’.

Zwile uploaded a video of himself playing the saxophone to the hit song. Zwile's version did not only get recognition from many locals but it also made rounds on social media.

Speaking to Zwile he shared that the whole thing was such a shock to him since he thought it was too late for him to post it.

“Firstly I guess it's worth mentioning that I appreciate Big Zulu, Intaba YaseDubai, and Ricky Rick for such a great song that took the whole world by storm and myself too I jammed to it on my ‘outro’ December 2020.

The song was recorded at Sibebe Resort in mid-December; we were camping there with the guys for some other project, so I thought it would be really fun if we tried something different in the infinity pool, and the only jam that came to my head was ‘Imali eningi’.

Sihlangu captured the sound, Phumla had camera one and NKO had camera two, mind you this is an iPhone production.

Well after that it took me some time to mix it up hence the late update," he said. Zwile mentioned that he was not ready for such feedback.

He said his phone was buzzing the whole night last Sunday, from likes, mentions, retweets, and reposts.


“I woke up on Saturday and it felt like I was dreaming, the numbers were so high. Later that day the hype was dying slowly but then Big Zulu saw it and retweeted it,” he explained.

The video currently has over 2 000 views on Instagram, 9 000 on Twitter, 21 000 on Tik Tok, and 2 000 on YouTube.

“Social media is such a great platform to use when promoting anything, can be business, whatsoever.

I am grateful for such a kick start in 2021. “As I continue to work on my material this has helped me because eventually when I upload my stuff I will have a wider audience to support my work,” he said.Zwile also thanked Emaswati who he believes always support his work.


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