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By Ayanda Dlamini | 2020-11-22

Known to be a creative genius, Thabile Maripe has helped us find tranquility in travelling through the creation of the Vakasha Eswatini Facebook page.

 Vakasha Eswatini is the most active page with Emaswati sharing personal travel experiences, places and spaces, that make the Kingdom of Eswatini the Majestic Splendor that it is. Mind you, the page  has gained over 50 000 members since its inception  five months ago.

The COVID-19 pandemic has largely put an end to many international travel plans and has forced us to stay within the borders of our own countries. However, although travelling abroad has been compromised, it does not mean travel is cancelled all together!

 With Maripe’s page; Vakasha Eswatini,  we have discovered  the hidden gems of our own country, the places, attractions and fascinating destinations we might not have considered visiting.

 It is also worth noting that  the Ministry of Tourism honoured  Thabile Maripe for her contribution to domestic tourism through the creation of the Vakasha Eswatini Facebook page.

 Furthermore, selfless Maripe recently  introduced cooking classes through her baby;  ‘My Kitchen Top’ .

 Her cooking lessons provide ideas, culinary education and hands-on experience in specific areas related to food preparation, presentation, and overall appreciation.

One of the biggest benefits of attending  Maripe’s  classes is learning how to cook a specific type of cuisine. For example, if you already have some experience in the kitchen and want to focus on a specific type of cooking, consider taking a French, vegetarian, or breakfast preparation class. While most cooking classes touch on international cuisine and offer some instruction on those styles, Maripe  educates  you in whatever direction you prefer. Who knows – you may have an innate talent for rolling exquisite sushi or creating French sauce fit for royalty.

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