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By Mdubasa | 2020-10-18

As with many industries, the music and live entertainment sector have been severely impacted by the global coronavirus pandemic.

According to Pollstar, live music and entertainment events are set to experience a US$9 billion (E171 billion) loss due to the cancellation or postponement of music events across the world. Eswatini, will certainly not be spared from this tragedy and local artists are faced with devastating times ahead. Revenue from performances constitutes more than half of an artist's total revenue and, in a country where the culture of paying for music online hasn't been fully embraced. That might mean a significant loss in income for Eswatini artists. Be that as it may, the world still looks to artists to provide entertainment to ease the unfamiliarity of being compelled to stay at home and to create art that will bring hope in such a time.

Antidote Music, one of Eswatini's leading digital music entities and artist management agencies, has partnered with Beat On Beats with Mdubasa, a weekly editorial in the Sunday Observer that profiles and reviews dance music artists/DJs and their music, to bring financial relief to artists and to stimulate Eswatini's digital music market through the Kingdom Vault Unlocked music project.

After much deliberation The Vault Unlocked Team selected their final 10 producers who made for the compilation. TVU team decided to do a break-down of the project and also profile the first five producers featured in this amazing project

Project Description

Kingdom Vault Unlocked is a series of digital music compilation EPs that will feature local music. The series will be divided into four compilation EPs which will cater to house, gospel, hip-hop, R&B/Soul, Afro soul and Afro pop music. The project will be compiled by Antidote Music's A&R team and each compilation EP will feature five songs under each of the genres mentioned.

The Kingdom Vault Unlocked series will be distributed digitally to over 300 online music stores and paid streaming sites such as Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music, Bandcamp and Traxsource as well as on a local digital music store by Jelele. Beat On Beats will provide exclusive profiles of each artist along with an extensive review of all the compilations. Beat On Beats will also be responsible for the implementation of the project's communication plan, that is, the dissemination of all project related news and information to all relevant stakeholders. This project presents a novel opportunity for individuals and organisations in Eswatini to show their empathy and support for local music by providing monetary sponsorship or in-kind sponsorship towards the realisation of this project. Moreover, such a noble gesture would assist companies in satisfying their corporate social responsibility.

Driven by passion and inspiration, Meloe is the true definition of a creative genius.

Meloe has had his passion for music since 2002 while he was still in high school when a friend 'Stewey' discovered a new DAW 'FL Studio 3' who was keen that they both check it out.

From there on Meloe and Stewey worked on multiple projects up until the time Meloe went solo with his career while maintaining his flexibility of collaborating with other artists such as Bandi and Lando to mention a few, which he worked with on multiple projects as the music producer.

The journey has taken him thus far to realising that he has an amazing vocal talent as he recently collaborated with another talented music producer and artist 'Sleek Ace' whom they share the same chemistry of music with which has led to multiple projects being recorded. Meloe recently released his latest work on his Soundcloud account, which runs under the alias 'Meloe_SD'.

As the voice, Meloe aims to share relative parts of his life experiences, which he believes will relate to a lot of people as he continues to explore vast parts of the music industry and entertainment industry as a whole.

He is currently working on an extended play that contains a mixture of sounds from House, Afro Pop to mention but a few. On the other hand he is working on collaborative projects with an intellectual group of artists 'Skool of Lyf', which hails from the mountains of Pigg's Peak.


n Chill

n Bright

n Energetic

n Exciting

Audio Syrup is a music duo consisting of Mbuso Msibi and Sibusiso Nhlengethwa from the hub of Eswatini, Manzini.

They are both music producers and DJs driven by the many eclectic sounds of music.

Their musical journey began with being simple lovers of music (with house music being an arguable favourite) until in 2008 they stumbled upon a DAW now known as FL Studio.

 Their journey as music lovers took a turn and little did they know that what was once a hobby would become greater.

In 2010, Mbuso and Sibusiso formed a group known as Retro Candy (RCHI), together with high school friends, forming a collective of DJs & producers. Retro Candy then won a remix competition for Rancido’s Brighter Days, which was released under Bodhhi Satva’s Offering Recordings (2011).

The group worked on several other material, which was released on Soundcloud.

They later disbanded in 2013 and Audio Syrup was born. Audio Syrup has gone to remix for Rancido once again, under the renowned deep house label Atjazz Record Company.

 Later they were chosen as part of the top 10 of Mi Casa’s Love Is Remix Competion and a year later won LeVae featuring Hanwah –No Lie Remix Competition. After co-signs from some of the most reputable deep house producers Audio Syrup took a hiatus to work on their craft.

 They have since returned and are collaborating with great local artists and are still prolific remixers.

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