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By Ayanda Dlamini | 2020-10-18

From day to day, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people live around the globe. Even when lockdown restrictions are lifted, many say the world will never be the same.

Well, 2020 has been a bad ride, but it looks like we're finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel. And by tunnel we really mean front door. After WAY too long stuck in our houses with toddlers, partners and our own thoughts, we can finally see a world where we might be able to go back to our regular lives.

Much of the global media focus when restrictions were first put in place was on when people would be able to get back to their ‘normal life’. However, in recent weeks it has become increasingly clear that we must instead accept a ‘new normal’, at least for the time being.

You may feel anxious about certain things that didn’t bother you before, such as being out of the house for extended periods or in crowded places. This is a perfectly normal reaction and remember that your new normal might be different from everyone else's. If being under lockdown has made you re-assess your life and what you do with your time, view this as a positive time to take steps to live life the way you want to going forward!

As businesses re-open, you may find yourself still able to work from home either temporarily or as a permanent change. However, if you do need to return to the office, you might want to consider what you can do differently.

From a personal perspective, you may also be worried about using crowded public transport to get to work. If you are able to, consider whether there are alternative routes you can use to avoid public transport; walking or cycling for at least part of your journey, if possible and help to reduce your contact with others. Ideally, you should review your travel to work plans before you are asked to return to the office.

Getting your like back on track might mean you suddenly find yourself busy again with little free time on your diary. However, try to maintain some of the positive habits from lockdown, whether making time for exercise or cooking healthy meals at home. Keep these up, and you will reap the rewards in the long-term. You can even involve your friends and family in your new-found healthy habits!

If lockdown saw you eating lots of fizzy foods and your exercise regime fell off a proverbial cliff because the gym was closed, getting back to it might be hard. The best thing to do is start all over again. Don’t punish yourself for letting things go during this difficult time.

You can quickly re-adopt your good habits; however don’t try to do too much at once. Start small and take it one step at a time; consider downloading a fitness app or seeking help from a trainer, who can help you to gradually build up your fitness levels again. If you’re finding it difficult to get out of a rut, then reach out to friends, family members, and even your employer for help.

Getting our lives back on track after lockdown will be both exciting and daunting for many of us. While we will find ourselves needing to embrace new ways of living and working, it’s important to stay positive and view the lifting of the lockdown as one step on the road back to how we wish to live.

Whatever lockdown was like for you, embrace the opportunities, getting back on track will give us, and focus on what you need to do, to ensure you can continue to live life to the fullest.  Let’s hear  from our readers what they have to say  about  coming out to play with other  kids since government  has  lifted  the ban and  re-opened  entertainment activities. They also share their favourite place(s) and events they would be visiting.

 I’ll be exploring many places in Eswatini - Chris Mavuso

“My main mission currently is exploring as many places in Eswatini as possible. I’m going to Simunye Country Club. I have had rumours about the place and I just want to go, check it out.  Also, I’ll be attending ‘The afternoon hangout experience’ at Emfuleni Lifestyle today. I’m a musician, so I got to be out and about with good musicians and music.

COVID-19 has kept us indoors for a while now. It has revived us though in so many ways and we’ve learnt quite a number of things but as for now, we need the fresh air bantfwabaketfu, we need to learn new cultures from different people, we need to get those gigs again and get paid and above everything, we just need to live again.

“My advice to people would be to keep it safe, sanitise, mask on, safe distance, and all that but that we know now, so I will say people should not forget that we had viruses  before COVID19. Let’s play it safe wherever and whenever.”

 I’ll be attending the MegaSound Picnic - Sandile Shamase

I will absolutely attend ehe MegaSound Picnic at Sibebe Resort next month, simply because it is the best show after Bushfire in Eswatini. And the open arena is my kind of setup. About visiting places, I do not really plan; I'm spontaneous about that; it depends on the availability of resources; time and money.

To be honest, I'm numb about the lifting of the ban. I mean, I easily adapt to any situation, or environment. So, for me it's just life goes on feeling!”

‘I am looking forward to attending pop Sunday’

“I am looking forward to attending the Pop Sunday. It’s a really refreshing and entertaining event. I like how it gives a platform to upcoming talented artists to showcase their art.

It feels amazing to have the entertainment, sports and events finally opening. We have been indoors for a while and we definitely deserve a breather. I think it will also work well for our mental health.

My advice to everyone who will be celebrating outdoors is that they should adhere to the COVID-19 regulations to reduce the risk of getting infected. I believe being responsible will help in ensuring that the entertainment events operate smoothly.”

‘I’m looking forward to mingle with Emaswati’

“The first event I'll be attending is The Jumbo Dinner. I'm looking forward to meeting and mingling with Eswatini public figures, in a fashionable way. I've spent so much time at home and when I went out having to wear a mask would just kill my idea of dressing up, so this time around I'm definitely going to look good, with a fashionable mask to match too. Besides I love all things fashion. I'm happy that we're finding a way to live with this, regardless of the fact that it's still there. We as artists  in the art industry, were so affected, and not just us, businesses too. At least now we will be able to have an income too. We must continue being cautious and be safe too, after all the virus is still there. So we keep the mask, continue doing everything we've been doing, try to stick by the regulations.”

Finally, we can support our artists - Meluleki ‘Sluga’ Simelane

‘My first event will be the MegaSound Picnic. We have to support our own Eswatini artists. It’s been a long seven months. I’m so happy that finally the artists and event organisers will be getting something (Money).  I wish the number of people attending events was maybe 200, the 100 is too small and the time is not good. We can’t have an event that only last two hours but then again, rules are rules.COVID-19 is still here and it’s real. So guys please continue to wear those masks, have your pocket sanitiser and try to maintain ocial distancing.”

‘I am ready to grow and spread my wings’

“ My first event  to attend  will definitely be the Sunday Hangout at Emfuleni Lifestyle and obviously the MegaSound Picnic  next month and many more events to come.

This coronavirus has deprived us. It’s time to have fun and be merry. Let’s not forget our masks and sanitisers. I feel like a butterfly that has been trapped in its cocoon and now it is finally out.”

‘The first gospel show to

 be advertised, I will attend’

The first event I’m going to attend has to be a gospel show and the first to be advertised, I will attend.

The lockdown has been long and daunting. We even got used to that life of not doing anything and staying home. I am so excited that we are finally going back to our normal lives. This was a hard time for us extroverts.  Always wear your mask, sanitize regularly. Easing restrictions doesn’t mean getting  a vaccine for COVID-19 .you can still get it , always keep that in mind enroute to groove.”

Looking forward to every event - !Sooks

“Looking at the way things were throughout the year, I'm looking forward to every good event! I'm honestly just looking forward to having fun again and being around good energy. It feels awesome to be finally out. Obviously, things aren't back to normal completely, this is our new 'normal' for a while but it's better than nothing. I'm really excited to seeing beautiful faces again and being out.

We mustn't get carried away. The virus is still amongst us and we must be very careful. We should still practice social distancing and sanitise.”

 ‘Finally we are out, time to look good’

“Well firstly, I am definitely attending the MegaSound Picnic at Sibebe. It has become a tradition to attend these picnics ever since their conception when they were still hosted at Malkerns.  Then there's the Jumbo Dinner month-end. I’m especially looking forward to this event, because it's a dinner celebrating winners; big and small. Also, the fact that we get to look good is an added advantage.

What better way to celebrate success and looking good, as the people say, drip is forever? Those are the two main events for this month.

Obviously all safety protocols will be adhered to, masks, sanitisers, social distancing, and frequent hand washing for 20 seconds every chance I get. Also just to put it out there, we will be rolling out these new COVID-19 test kits, which test the proteins (Antigens) that are found on the surface of the coronavirus. This makes testing quick and easy because, it takes 15-20 minutes for results to be read. Safety is a priority.”

I still have a list of places to see - Ur Gal Zee

“I've always been a lover of lifestyle events, the events that are outdoors and during the day especially in summer, there is just a good vibe about them, everyone is relaxed and looking good so I'm definitely attending any of those. I still have a list of places to see in the Kingdom so I'm up for outdoor activities any day.  There's a sense of relief because it gives us hope that this is a gradual opening and with time things will get back to normal. A lot of people lost months’ worth of income from these sectors so I'm happy that it's back to work for them and we should support them in every way possible. “Can we just simply listen to what we are told to do by government and our leaders. That way we won't have to go back and forth with closing and opening of things. It's really on us to adhere to all precautions for ourselves first and then the next person.”

 What a relief - Culolami

“I'll be attending an event at Solani’s Shisanyama, because we know they always give us quality shows, whatever they promise their patrons they always deliver, and plus they always give us reasonable entrance fees or just free entry with big acts, so to avoid disappointments after eight months of "no fun" I'll definitely go there. It’s actually huge relief from me as a promoter and deejay, I'm extremely excited. You know going eight months with no income is no joke. We just woke up and thanked God for the gift of life, We hope He has great plans for us as entertainers and we will be bringing the heat once again. Please do comply to the COVID-19 regulations, it’s still a killer virus, and it is still there, take all safety measures when going out, wash your hands immediately you get home and sanitize them NB; Have responsible Fun, don't drink and drive.”

‘I’m happy for the entertainment industry’

“I'm quite happy though sceptic about being out there because masks are the last thing we think about at the groove, forgetting that they're there to save our lives. But all in all I'm excited and happy for the entertainment industry because Wow! It was about time. Let's be safe. Stick to the right crowd cause besides Corona, trafficking is still there.”

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