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By WLSA | 2020-09-17

PRESENTING to you a special edition; in this week’s edition we have seen it fit to share a project that is currently being implemented by the organisation to give a glimpse of the activities Women and Law is involved in.

The organisation is implementing a two year project titled “Women’s Rights: Making inroads towards gender equality, participation and equal representation in Eswatini.”

The implementation of this project has been made possible through funding from the Delegation of the European Union in Eswatini and through collaboration with three other organisations; Kwakha Indvodza, SWAGAA and Women Unlimited.

The overall objective of this project is to empower and to invest in women in Eswatini to acquire skills and knowledge to play and participate in meaningful roles in various leadership positions in Eswatini.

Through research, the organisation has observed how certain structural obstructions in our society limit opportunities for women to participate in leadership positions.

As such the project is aimed at increasing awareness, developing capacity of our society to contribute to gender equity and improved women’s representation in leadership positions in Eswatini.

Worth noting is that this project is not only focused on women but has also factored in male involvement; through the collaborative effort with a male mentoring organisation, Kwakha Indvodza, the project is banking on the increased participation of men in championing women’s issues in order to reach the ultimate goal of gender equality and equal opportunities.

 The project is pursuing implementation in two of Eswatini’s regions; Lubombo and Manzini. In both regions five constituencies were selected for implementation.

Under Manzini there is; Kwaluseni, LaMgabhi, Ludzeludze, Mafutseni, and Ngwemphisi. The target reach in all five constituencies is 1 300 people.

In the Lubombo region there is; Lomahasha, Mhlume, Nkilongo, Siphonfaneni and Sithobela and the target in these constituencies is 1 150 people. The main approach of the project is building capacity of key players in the promotion of gender equality and women’s representation in leadership positions in Eswatini.

Through engagements with existing leaders, the project is working on raising awareness about the promotion of gender equality, participation of women and girls in decision making processes and women’s rights issues.

A major activity under this project is the establishment of community based human rights learning groups for young women and young men.

The purpose of these learning groups is to build capacity on the knowledge of human rights amongst community members therefore enhancing their ability to identify human rights issues and address them accordingly at community level.  The project has already begun the process of establishing this community based human rights learning groups in the different constituencies.

The establishment of learning groups is also taking place in schools in the Manzini and Lubombo Regions with a representation of young men and women. 

The rational being, by affording these young people such platforms of development, equips them as future leaders and advocates both in the community and at national level.

Media involvement in this project is also of paramount importance. Professionals from local media houses will be sensitised on how to conduct accurate, fact-based, and less sensationalised reporting when it comes to women and girls’ rights issues, as it relates to laws that protect the human rights of women and girls. This will work towards increasing knowledge of the media’s role in promoting women’s rights and overall equal participation in decision making.

This project is founded on the grounds of collaborative effort which further expounds the motion that achieving gender equality and promoting women and girls’ rights needs the whole society to work together as it will benefit each and every individual of our nation. Through the efforts of this project Eswatini will be taking steps towards achieving sustainable and inclusive development as sought by the National Development Plan.

To find out more about this project, go onto WLSAEswatini and on https: //

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