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By Lungelo Nkambule | 2017-10-12

His Majesty King Mswati III is a born comedian.

His Majesty displayed his comedy skills that would give local comedians a run for their money yesterday during the opening of the Swaziland Water Services Corporation’s (SWSC) E30 million Shiselweni Regional Headquarters at Nhlangano, which he named Siyalu House.

His Majesty kept his audience captivated and in stitches when he made jokes relating to the building.

Amongst the jokes that His Majesty delivered during his address that had everyone laughing their lungs out was when he told the audience of his first lift (likheshi) experiences when he was still studying in the United Kingdom.

“While I was still studying in the United Kingdom I wanted to use the lift so I walked up to a man and asked him where the Kheshi was.  The person asked me you want the cash? I said yes the Keshi, this went on for some time until I realised that he wasn’t hearing me so I decided to use the word lift and he then showed me,” he said.  By the time His Majesty finished this joke the whole house was in stitches. When he shared the joke, His Majesty was referring to SWSC board chairman Benedict Xaba, who in his address, which was in Siswati, had stated that the SWSC regional office was the first building in Nhlangano to have a lift.

“Your Majesty ngicela kusho nje kutsi lesakhiwo setfu sine likheshi and likheshi lekucala laNhlangano leli,” he said.

Making his remarks during the opening of the building, His Majesty lauded SWSC for heeding to government’s call for the decentralisation of services which has resulted in the Nhlangano town having its very first lift.

His Majesty said pupils from the Shiselweni region would no longer have to travel as far as Mbabane and Manzini to see a lift and how it operates as they would just visit the SWSC offices.

His Majesty also stated that the people from the Shiselweni region would benefit a lot as the office was a fully-fledged one and they would no longer have to travel to Ezulwini where the headquarters is based for service.

 “We are encouraged to note that SWSC is adhering to the decentralisation policy, this new structure which we are blessing today is a clear footpath of taking services closer to people,” he said.   His Majesty implored the staff members who would be working in the building to make sure it is properly maintained as it was a state-of-the-art building and would set the tone for future buildings that would be built in the town.  He further urged other companies and business people present to make use of the building which would be leasing out auditoriums and boardrooms.

“Companies and business people should now see SWSC as their landlord. You should use their facilities that they will be renting out. I toured the building and they have a state-of-the-art boardroom and auditorium that you could use,” he said. 

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