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By Majaha Nkonyane | 2017-10-12

THE workplace is being squeezed to keep up with digital revolution.

First National Bank Chief Executive Officer Dennis Mbingo said digitisation now influences how organisations hire.

“A lot more companies are using online and digital media to identify candidates. Candidates themselves are advertising their credentials online. The banking sector alone is made up of 85 per cent digital banking and 15 per cent branch banking,” he said.

FNB is the leading bank in digital banking.

Mbingo said engagement between people, technology and data in the workplace was inevitable throughout the modern business value chain.

“It is, therefore, important for the workplace to keep in touch with the technological world whilst balancing the emotions of an individual in order to keep employees happy,” he said.

He said as evidence that the digital world now influences how organisations hire; most of them have digitised their people management, performance monitoring, reward decisions, online leave management, online performance contracts, online performance scoring and online training process.

“The process is also influencing assessment of people engagement and decisions on priority actions. It is further impacting on the ease with which business information security is executed. Critical data theft is a big risk in modern day business environments,” he said.

Adding, Mbingo said the work-place was further tasked with the responsibility to better engage employees in a digitised environment.

Therefore, he said the digitisation process must be part of the strategy debate at board and executive level and any company actions must be aligned to that strategy.

Also, he said reasons and incentives for digitisation must be clear and disciplinary processes must be updated to match strategic intentions. 

“The power equation between leadership and ‘the led’ is being rebalanced in favour of the one who better leverages digital platforms,” he said.

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