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By Ayanda Dlamini | 2020-08-02

The relationship between a mother and daughter is special. A mother’s love for her daughter cannot be described in words. Some things are hard to say, but it can be felt. The bond between a mother and daughter is strong, and the mother-daughter bonding can start at an early age. However, sometimes, the relation between a mother and her daughter may get a little complicated.


On some days, you might go shopping with your daughter and have fun or just sit with her at home and listen to her when she tells you about her big dreams and future plans, but there will also be days when your daughter would not listen to you or disobey you. At that time, you might feel that your relationship is falling apart, but deep down you’d know that your daughter loves you. Yes, in her teenage years she might behave a little strange, but she will come around. And it is during these years that you will have to work hard on your relationship.


 DJ Zoe and relationship with her daughter Dalingcebo Msibi is also a healthy one. Dalingcebo is studying in Cyprus.


“My daughter and I communicate a lot, at least  three  to  four times a week and usually spend hours on the phone through video and phone calls.


I constantly remind her the importance of adhering to the lockdown rules. Wash or sanitising her hands before and after interacting with people and wearing her masks whenever she is in public places or around people.


 I always check up on her progress with school work, I have her timetable and always know about her tests, exams and normal school assignments. I’m also up to date with her normal day to day schedule.



It is never easy to raise a teenager, especially from a distance. Communication is always key. Being open and letting your child be is never   easy but always work. As a parent you have to support your child in every way. Remember this is individual who is still discovering themselves and finding their purpose in life. The child needs guidance and freedom at the same time. Make sure you instill some values and are always honest and supportive to the child.


being away from her loved ones and the adjustment to new surroundings and Cultures was not easy  for my daughter but  she eventually accepted and she has now settled down. She has even made friends that side.  We were blessed to have been raised by a phenomenal woman who was a prayer warrior. She taught us to always rely on God as our source of strength. She instilled such values on us which have kept my daughter strong and grounded.


 Dalingcebo says being away from home hasn't been easy for her.


“I would call my family to check up on them but it didn't do much because I would still get worried about them and  myself too.


I couldn't even go out to my favourite cafe to get my mind of things because of restrictions. So I was stuck in my room with all my thoughts of possibly being infected or my family being infected .If it wasn't for prayer, my mental health would have been affected.


“An interesting fact, my mother and I started communicating more when I got here. She video calls me All the time, sometimes at night when she can't sleep. She calls me every other day but because we spend hours on the phone, it feels like we talk every day. If it weren't for the pandemic, I would be home for my summer break.


 “I make sure that I'm safe from the virus by minding my surroundings. If I go to a place that will have a number of people,  I  make sure  I  sanitise my hands before ,during  and  after gathering with people .




Mostly importantly, I pray .There is only much that I can do to protect myself but the greatest protection, unmatched protection comes from the Lord.


Dealing with homesick


“I  overcome being homesick by constant communication with my Loved ones back home ,voice calls and video calls .To be honest it is never enough but makes a huge difference.


My Father really fills the gap by video calling with random people from back home, faces im familiar with, both distant and close .Sometimes he would  switch the camera around just to show me certain places  and he will joke and ask me if I remember the place.


Prayer too does help, I cannot emphasize that enough .Talking to God about every part of your life increase your capacity to receive more of him and to see his hand in every part of your life.


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