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By Nokwanda Sibandze | 2020-08-01

I have always known I had the voice but it was not until I joined dance classes that my overall look at art changed.”

In today’s young and upcoming we get to walk in songbird Mbali Rose’s shoes as she shares with the readers her life journey.

Mbali Bwenbya describes herself as a shy, timid and yet vibrant young lady who hails from Zambia.

She says although she is originally from Zambia, she was born and raised in the kingdom.

“I mainly grew up in Matsapha and Mankayane. We often used to bounce from both of these places because of my parents work. So it would be a lot of fun travels being here one day and then in another town on the next day,” she say.

Rose says she grew up in a fun and pleasant-filled aura household where it was always full of enthusiastic, jovial people who always turned towards the good in life.

She says she ventured into art in 2008.

According to her, her first experience of being in the art world was when she decided to sign up for dance classes at her primary school as she was fascinated by it.


“I think after my first dance class I realised that I was actually quite good at what I was doing and that I wanted more from it. Although i had not started pursuing music, this was the moment I realised that the performing arts was meant for me. Fast forward almost eight years later, there was a little voice almost pushing me towards becoming a vocalist. It wasn’t a thought but for some reason it was constantly recurring and then I took the leap. In that moment I knew nothing about it, only that I had a voice and I needed help, she says.

She adds she reached out to a friend for assistance who then introduced her to someone who owned a studio and had knowledge when it came to the creation of music.

Rose says while working on her music she has met her share of challenges that were lessons.

She says she had to work out her problems like the lack of capital and finding a suitable and conducive creative space to work in.

“My first problem has always been capital, it has never been easy to get and funding your dream is always so costly. You have to pay producers, pay for studio time and transport to go record and then there are ‘post’ recording expenses in the form of marketing, promotions, distributions and the like.

However, I have been lucky enough to have had a couple of side gigs that pay and the support of my parents. It really makes the financial part of it all slightly less stressful. Another challenge I encountered was finding a suitable and conducive creative space. What I learned is that not all spaces allow one to work and show ones capabilities.

“Another difficulty I would like to illuminate is finding the right set of people to work with. Not everyone is meant to work with each other because of so many reasons but when you find the right people, I say hold onto them and make the best of it because not all working relationships will go smoothly or could ever be as productive as that perfect fit,” she mentions.


Although Rose has not worked on a lot of projects except her own offerings, her list of who she would like to work with is quite extensive. She says if she was to pick her top five, it would include; Lunga Sky, Milkiee, Velemseni, Amarii, and 80 Script. She says her 2020 plans  included reaching her full potential academically, redefining the Rose brand and becoming a multifaceted queen, releasing a few more singles and potentially a full project and  hopefully releasing her first music video maybe at the end of the year, possibly.  “Ideally i would like to take up the space and cement myself in the music business. I am a full time student at UNESWA studying a Bachelor’s in Commerce and like any other 21-year-old I am trying to navigate my growing up and being a thousand different people at once, all while trying to look cute and leaving sparkle wherever I go,” she says.

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