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By Sibusiso Dlamini | 2020-07-01

Rural entrepreneurs in the country have expressed their appreciation of the support by World Vision Eswatini in starting their businesses, stating that their lives have been completely changed.

When interviewed, rural entrepreneurs based at Lubulini, Matsanjeni, Ekukhanyeni respectively stated that they appreciate the training by World Vision which made them understand business as well as the continued check-ups to keep them motivated.

“It’s not really even about the equipment and the raw materials, to us it’s the training which was very much needed, as well as the fact that they never forget us. They aren’t once-off, but they keep on coming back to see how we are doing and also where they can continue giving a helping hand, and that’s appreciated.

With our business, they started by teaching us how to make petroleum jelly, as well as detergents. We then learnt how to keep business records, and how to market our products for our target market. That’s proven to be lessons that have been key in the running of our business,” said Nkosingphile Khumalo, Chairperson of Siyatfutfuka Corporation which specializes in producing petroleum jelly.

“We started our business in 2013, and we have been quite successful because we are close to the South African boarder and they really love our product around Phongola.


This therefore, means we have been deeply affected by this current COVID-19 pandemic because now we can’t make any movements, but we are very hopeful that this shall pass, and we will get back to business,” she added.

Meanwhile, Zodwa Malinga, Chairperson of Mahle Ematheku Cooperation which is a sewing business, said she is pleased with the growth of her business and thanked World Vision for being there for them as a business throughout their journey.  “As you can see today, we have a business that has customers all over Matsanjeni. This is because of Word Vision who taught us about strategic sales and marketing.

They have been with us from the very start, and we really thank this organisation because without them, we would still be on the brink of poverty. As we speak, we have bought furniture for our houses, our children don’t struggle for schools fees and trust me, we never worry about what we will have on the plate for dinner every day,” she said. On the other hand, Dumsani Masuku, chairperson of Kwasa Ekukhanyeni Multi-Purpose Cooperation based at Ekukhanyeni further encouraged the country’s youth to take interest in business especially ones in the agricultural sector.

“You can never run away from the fact that agriculture is our “gold” in this country. Look at us, a bunch of 74 old people who are able to make a living from agriculture, what then can stop our bright minds from taking this country’s economy to the next level.

 They should stand up and take action, because it’s clear that chances of employment are getting slimmer by the day, I mean take a look at this horrible situation with this COVID-19 pandemic, which has hit all industries and even the biggest of economies in the world. 

World Vision is a global Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice by tackling the root causes of poverty.


The organisation started operating in the country in 1992, focusing mainly on emergency relief after the devastating drought that hit Eswatini. Later on, organisation shifted the focus from relief to disaster mitigation, rehabilitation, and transformational development.

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