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By Melusi Mlotsa | 2020-05-23

SOCCER- Premier League of Eswatini Executive Committee member Mashumi Shongwe  has withdrawn from the race for the chairmanship position stated for  the organisation’s elections, which are set to take place before the end of the year.

The vocal Rangers FC governor says he does not qualify for the hot seat, as he had not served for four years as a member of the Board of Governors representing the National First Division side.

Article 37 of the 2011 PLE Constitution says any candidate eligible to stand for the position of chairman should have been be a member of the PLE Board of Governors for at least four years.

Three members  in the current Executive Committee  in Sicelo Mkhonta ( Sea Birds) , Rudolph  Matsenjwa  (Tambuti)  and Mark Carmichael (Denver Sundowns ) are the only ones who qualify for the hot seat after successfully  serving   for over four years as governors  for their respective clubs.

“I don’t see myself contesting for these elections this year, as I want to serve football from behind the scenes.

“The Constitution also emphasises on the conditions of joining the elections, thus I have not served the mandatory four years, although I have served for many years in other structures; such as vice president,  a position that qualifies me more than being a BOG. I am a person who abides by the Constitution and I don’t want it to be reviewed as if I’m doing it  for my own benefits," he said. Shongwe further listed qualities of a good chairman if one is elected to the position.

 "It will be fair to elect someone who has good leadership skills and fully understands corporate governance. The PLE is a big brand and has various components. The organisation needs someone who won’t be captured by outside forces at the detriment of football. The problem is that nowadays, there is no more development in the various positions, but we are only protecting our seats and positions. Let's vote for those who have unpolluted minds and avoid those who will buy votes," he said.

‘E300 000 used to buy votes in 2017 EFA elections’

Former Shiselweni Regional Football Association chairman Mashumi Shongwe has made startling revelations regarding the 2017 Eswatini Football Association (EFA) elections, where he alleged that a sum of over E300 000 was used by some individuals to buy votes.

"We noticed that during the 2017 elections, over E300 000 was spent while buying votes. We have evidence but I  won’t challenge anyone.

 I will prefer to play my cards close to the chest for now," he alleged. However, Shongwe could not state if the candidates who allegedly bought the votes eventually won the elections or not. Shongwe mentioned that it was impossible for votes buyers to deliver according to the electorate’s expectations because of lack of viable strategies and vision. 

"What would you expect to change in the running of football when some people display their financial muscles and start buying votes? That's why I wish our members can be capacitated on their rights and benefits as members of the football governing body. How I wish those who have the voting power can vote for candidates who are innovative, focused and people who will never be captured by certain elements that are only interested in corrupting you as an individual than benefit the football people that you serve.

 “It's not right to live a prestigious life due to unscrupulous means and bribery. All I'm trying to say is; we must have a chairman of the executive, who will never be overruled when decisions are made during executive meetings.  I prefer to be a bench-warmer who always wants to see change in our football," Shongwe, said as if he was lecturing during a workshop. On a closing note, Shongwe said he was expecting the new PLE chairman to have a good strategic plan and hire the best chief executive officer after the organisation has been without one for a long time.

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