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By Qondile Ntiwane | 2020-02-27

The Southern African Research Foundation for Economic Development (SARFED) will conduct a public lecturer on financial awareness.

The lecture targeting individuals will be held at the Hilton Garden Hotel in Mbabane this evening, starting at 5pm until 6.30pm.

SARFED Regional Director Dr George Choongwa said in a statement yesterday that the Financial wellness was key to socioeconomic development.

He said the more the public was well informed about their respective financial issues, the sooner they would begin to make informed decisions.

“Eswatini like any other developing country needs to encourage the general public in the education of financial literacy to the society for the achievement of having a balanced society that made the best decisions in their day to day transactions,” he said.

Dr Choongwa explained that SARFED had taken the initiative of conducting public lectures on disseminating information on personal finances as a catalyst for building a more informed and resilient society. 

  “We believe that the more we educate the public on monetary issues, the more society becomes informed and make right decisions on things that affect their wellbeing.”

He said research indicated that most of the majority of the public were under threat of monetary stress, which contributed to their levels of personal productivity.

“However, most of this outcome was as a result of poor knowledge on financial matters. Hence, the more they were exposed to the right information about their personal finances, the better they would make the relevant decisions. This would eventually lead to a more sustainable society,” he added.

He said the expected outcome for this public workshop was based on delivering practical life-changing lessons on personal finance.

The workshop will cover, among other key issues financial planning and budgeting; managing personal debts; investment; retirement planning; understanding and developing sustainable entrepreneurship

The participants are also expected to share and exchange information on personal issues with regards to personal finance and entrepreneurship in Eswatini.

He said the targeted beneficiaries for this programme included the entire public as long as they were interested in attaining the right knowledge on managing personal finances.  “These participants include the informal sector, formal sector, as well as those who were in both academic sectors such as school-going students. Interested participants are advised to inquire more from Mr. Nxumalo on the following numbers: 784-811-63 or 765-30-445 for further assistance,” he said.

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