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By Dumisa Dlamini | 2020-02-15

If there is anything that does not respect privacy even if same comes to the level of intimacy, it should be the cellphone.

This is a nonsensical gadget that is paradoxically presumed to be the best invention.  Whilst it has been massively applauded for making communication easier, it has created the worst, muddy and destructive inroads in the love terrain that has caused separations, divorces, fights, murderous and suicidal activities amongst its owners who also happen to be lovers.

 The cellphone can be such a party pooper amongst lovers. Societal Scales can safely conclude that lovers are best without cellphones or better, not one should keep a cellphone around his character when (s) he is on the presence of the other person they are in love with. May be it could called a “Cell phonebreak” to allow lovers, fiancés,  married to be without the interference of this pooper who almost always will announce a call , a message or a picture in the most unwanted of times.

All calls that may come whilst you are enjoying the company of a loved ones can be a nuisance.

Your boss can call to draw your attention and focus away from your current situation or it could be a long call from your client, ifike tintfoseticala kufutfumala wherein besewungaphiwa noma yini. When you are done with the long call, believe Scales, she would have changed her mind. That’s the cellphone for you!

That is the least disruption the gadget can bring between two lovers and can be tolerated, understood and even forgotten.

The worst call will be so loud and incessant when it comes from a suitor or another lover which you cannot ignore under any circumstances. Whether you pick the call or ignore it, the results are the same, you would have upset or even infuriated your partner by so doing.


Talk of the man who has driven all fifty kilometres, parked his car and walked unto his house and the phone would ring. It is the other woman and loudly asking, “eBaby sewufikile yini ekhaya.” Your wife will overhear the conversation and does not have to ask if it is a woman who is calling you. The mood in the house will change and be attic cold for the entire week. You ask yourself why she wouldn’t call before you got home.

The reverse of the situation can also hold. Howard, a dashing banker got himself entangled in a fresh pair of sheets and the package he got in there demanded the best of his equipment. Kuloyo mgudvwawaphansi lomkhulu kangako, his phone rang the loudest he could remember. It was his wife calling,

“YebabewaMhlelembisi ukuphi?”

One would have thought she knew where he was. She didn’t, but the quivering voice of her husband and the panting gave him away. Wavele nje wahishwa lulwimi lwakhe lobabe.  His girlfriend realised how much he was scared of his wife and trouble awaited him when at home. Women have very sharp instincts, utakushayela ngalesikhatsi uganga because something tells her you ain’t being faithful wherever you are.

It doesn’t matter whether the person who calls you whilst you are with your boyfriend is a suitor or not.

The call will bring a terrible mood swings and spoil the party.Fihlekile Malaza was in a warm embrace with the man she hoped would be her husband when her phone rang.

The caller announced himself to be at the door and wanted an audience with her. She could neither express her disgust nor chase him away because her boyfriend was looking at her straight in the face.

He demanded they went out together to see the man.

It later transpired that he was only a suitor who was taking his chances, but of course granted the ground for advancement by the very woman now in trouble. Whilst the issue was resolved, the intimacy and the romance of the moment were spoiled.


A lot of heated words were exchanged and accompanied by a flood of  tears all caused by a call from a cellphone. That gadget does not and will not respect any moment with anyone and for anybody. It will ring when you least expect it from the most unwanted caller and then tends to be loud enough for the benefit of your partner to eavesdrop.

Mgigigi Tsela couldn’t for any reason think for any reason he could get a call at five in the morning, let alone from a female.

He did. LaFakudze his wife had just woken him up atsi akasmshikishe lamhlana ehle impela aye entasi.


The moment was great and the eagerness on the part of uMzomba was palpitating until that call. When he picked it, he didn’t look to see who the caller was.  Lo and Behold!  It was Lomanono the woman he had been courting for the past few weeks.

She had good news for him at his worst space and the most inconvenient of times, “Ubofika in my house lamuhla, I will be home all day, sitocedzelalendzaba yetfu. The woman picked the phone and smashed it against the wall, picked herself up from the bed, and stormed out of the bedroom.

The party was finished. The man wondered why a woman would call him so early knowing he was married and almost always he would be home, in the bedroom, in-between sheets with his wife at that most intimate hour for married couples.

Or your girlfriend will be so engrossed on her phone from the moment you leave Manzini until you get to Nelspruit where you are both having a weekend out. Kute lakucoca nawe lomuntfu but is in deep conversation with people out there. Almost always, she would be talking to another man.

It’s your time, your fuel, your money that would be spent there but she ain’t with you in spirit.

She would only come alive the moment she gets into the shops, see what she wants to buy and comes running to for timbasha.

Women can be very cruel to their partners when they have their phones on their hands. You will see her first deeply engaged on the chats and even pictures, the next moment she would be smiling beautifully unto herself. Whatever you say, you have to repeat yourself a million times ngoba akakuva, akanendzaba futsi nalokutsi utsini. 

A certain young couple was driving to Rustenburg when the woman even refused to alight from the car in any ultra-city because that gave her time to make calls whilst alone in the car.

She was so obsessed with the phone that she didn’t see that the man was spitting venom with anger. He had peeped unto her phone and saw a “million hearts”, blinking on the screen sent by the other man. When they got in yet another ultra-city the lady had to see ablutions and disembarked and unfortunately left her phone on the seat.

The young man drove off with but her, leaving her lapho nje. Needless to say, that was the end of the trip, the love affair and all their ties. The cellphone can a nonsense and a party pooper!

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