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By Nokwanda Sibandze | 2020-02-15

One Sunday afternoon after youth choir practice Smilwesihle found a group of people complaining about increased camp prices and scolding Sicelo, It was her first day at the youth choir practice and so she did not know him but she joined in and added a few words.

Little did they know that they would become best friends the following year (2016). That whole year everyone around her thought they were dating.

Smilwesihle had no intentions whatsoever; and to her Sicelo was just a friend. Later that same year they went for mid-year rally and there was a mountain hike at Mahamba Gorge where she almost broke her leg, but the good friend that he was, Sicelo held her hand for the first time and up until that day, Smilwesinhle had never felt her heart betray her like it did that day.

She had thought she had been in love before but on that day, she felt like it was her first time, worse off with someone who she was in a friend zone with.

“you know that guy that tells you everything about his life, but kinda comes on campus to bring you chocolates every once in a while guys I had no hope so I had to let that friendship thing go on for another while.”

2017 came and she was getting used to being single and all, but secretly praying for love on February 11 2017 Sicelo Ndlandla came to say hi at her hood, but of course she was used to it but on this day he came to asked for them to be more than friends.

She did not want to ruin her friendship with him; it was the only thing that made sense in her life. I don't remember when it happened but I saved his number as "Bae” on my phone.. And the weird part of it was nothing changed between the two of us, in my head he was still just my best friend. Until the first of July when he asked me to get my friends and we went to Bourkes Luck Potholes in Mpumalanga and he went on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my days loving him.”

The winners of #mylovestory have a beautiful love story that got the entire Eswatini crazy about love. Sicelo and Smilwesihle Ndlandla surely inspire many married and unmarried couples all over the kingdom.

Speaking to the couple, you could see the love they have for each other. They also admit to sharing many values which keep their relationship strong.

After over a hundred entries the couple won and walked away with  a two night’s luxury accommodation for the winning couple, dinner, bed and breakfast sponsored by Happy Valley Hotel; return flight tickets from King Mswati III International Airport to JHB International Airport for the couple sponsored by Eswatini Airlink; half day spa treatment for the couple at Camelot Spa; two cellphones (Samsung A50) by MTN Eswatini; and lunch sponsored Royal Swazi SPA.

The couple says are excited about their prizes. “We are grateful to everyone who took their time and money to vote for us.”

They say joining the campaign helped them work together as a team.  “I think it has boosted and encouraged us to post most of the things that we do. Above everything we learned that it does not call for much to inspire the next person, what we considered as nothing inspired a lot of people and we are grateful for that,” Smilwesihle said. “I think over time we all grow and evolve even though that doesn’t necessarily mean that we change the values that we hold on tightly to. The most important values that we share is our faith, our love for community service, long walks, nature and food,” says Smilwesihle.

The two have been married for 13 months and they say having a friendship also helps keep their relationship strong.

Now that they live together, the two say they have many ways of showing the love they have for each other.  “Doing most of our chores together; it could be grocery shopping, cooking cleaning, or washing the cars. What actually matters is being there for one another every single day, sometimes over the phone and most days physically. A day never goes by without a call from bae, we’d be calling just to say “when I get to the house ubotsi indzaba so I can tell you lendzaba” and proceed with our office routine.

 Telling each other everything builds a relationship to utmost extremes.” With every relationship come struggles. The two also have their own way to handle fights. “Honestly no fight is better than the next. We could be arguing about the bathroom sink or financials, but we’ve learnt to colour inside the lines and express our own feelings in every argument. Its true arguments strengthen relationships, but it is also true that arguments could kill a relationship. So take note of the way you argue.” Simile says the one thing she likes about her partner is that he lets her be herself.

“This reminds me of our pre-wedding counselling sessions, we were asked to write 20 things that we like about each other. I love the way he looks at me, how he lets me be my crazy self, how he has all of a sudden become the only person I open up because he actually listens to me. Okay wait, I think above all these things I love our friendship.”

Sicelo on the other hand says Simile’ love for nature gets to him.

“She has helped me discover the beauty of creation. She wants to achieve more academically, so I like the challenge she brings into the family that we should work hard. She is the best storyteller and cook.”

They always give each good advice. “No person deserves to be made to feel like they are not trying enough, you know what your partner can or cannot give to you especially monetary things. Learn to understand their situation and that alone will make you happier.”

The two also gave other couples based on what they have learned, “Pray! Go for a long drive, and eat some good food. There is something amazing about being alone in nature and coming home for a long cuddle and you know what next. This has been our secret reconnection remedy since forever.”

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