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By Setsabile Nkambule | 2020-02-15

For the longest time to be in the fashion and modelling industry one had to be tall and slim. As the years went by the beauty industry introduced diversity in beauty and the  different body types .

In today’s young and upcoming we get to  read about one of Eswatini’s few  plus size model  Nomcebo Sphumelele Ndlangamandla . Ndlangamandla is a  21 year old plus size model who is also currently doing her second year in Diploma in Education at Bradford University College in Manzini.

According to her growing up  she loved modelling , but watching TV and reading magazines about what the media portrayed as an ideal model wasn’t what she saw every time she looked in the mirror.

“I fell in love with fashion and design at a very tender age in a sense that I'd lock myself up in granny's room and make clothes for my dolls. I enjoyed watching fashion shows on TV and wished to be a model one of the good days. Looking at my body size I was demotivated, since we all grew up in a society that believed modeling was only for those that were tall and slender,”she says.

With the help of her great mother who taught her to accept and love herself,she slowly grew up to love herself and appreciate the kind of Body’s she has.  She was able not to let the media define the definition of a true model. Ndlangamandla says it was then that she decided to turn a blind eye on all opposing factors and go for her dreams.

“I love my body very much and I knew I wanted to be an example to people who looked up to me that having a little bit of meat here and there isn’t a problem,” she says

While paving her way into the fashion and beauty Ndlangamandla has met some challenges Although she  loves her body the model says  she has had a number of instances where people had negative comments about her body . She also says  things like  being seen in the gym  raises comments from people.

Most people tend to think that because she is in the gym , she does not like her body or she’s uncomfortable and insecure about herself.

“Some people think that plus size models do sports because they want to lose weight. Which is not always the case. I mean, how wrong is it for a person to have a bit of fun and keep healthy at the same time ,” she  says.

2020 looks great for ndlangamandla as she has  recently joined the TME modelling agency and had her first show at Dinani under Ndzingeni Inkhundla for the new launched Modeling Academy Ndzingeni Modeling Academy. She has also been booked for a show which will take place in Sandton at the end of March.

“I'm blessed to have been working with the agency I work with as it is known for its great work both locally and internationally helping people like Eswatini’s very own Snowee.

My target is to do more and get into acting be seen on TV adverts, billboards and magazines showcasing plus size garments,” she says.  She also  wants to render a helping hand to people who would need it.

“Plans for my career this year are none other than charity work. i have a very soft spot for children and grandmothers. i would be happy to see more plus size models joining the industry.

My words of inspiration to them would be that being chubby is not a disability neither is it a disease so there's absolutely no way it could hinder you from rocking your body,” she says.

Through her career in modelling she wants to help boost plus size women’s self esteem by portraying beauty in it.

She says that she wants them to learn to accept, love and embrace their bodies and know that they are beautiful.

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