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By NONGCEBO DLAMINI | 2020-01-15

Emotions took over when Sipho Zikalala burnt his lover’s house after finding out that she had moved on with another man his age.

The incident transpired in Malindza on Monday morning. According to a source close to the matter, Zikalala was involved in a love relationship with Thuli Dlamini.

He stated that Zikalala was the herdboy at Dlamini’s marital home even before her husband passed on. Sources stated that their relationship was an open secret.

“Their relationship became ‘official’ after the passing on of the husband as they would be seen at local drinking spots together. This went as far as Zikalala moving into the main house,” he said.

It was further stated that the woman’s banking cards were under the control of Zikalala as the woman owned several businesses. Zikalala was also given the right to drive which ever car he wanted, as their relationship became popular. The source stated that in recent months their relationship turned sour, as it was suspected that Dlamini was in a relationship with another young man.

As time went by Zikalala moved out of the house, returning back to his parental home which is also in the same area.

It was further mentioned that over the years Zikalala had an affair with Dlamini he kept a diary from when they started.

In the diary it is said that he wrote that he first met Dlamini through her husband who had employed him to take care of his livestock at the time.

In his diary it is claimed Zikalala wrote that the woman started making moves on her before the death of her husband.

He mentioned that after the passing on of the husband they became ‘official’ partners. The content in the diary goes on to mention that Dlamini would take him to drinking spots, where they would drink their lungs out, and come back home to engage in bedroom sports.

It is stated that this  persisted until things started being bitter. In the diary Zikalala threatened to burn down Dlamini’s house, and later commit suicide. The reason was because he said Dlamini dumped him.

Arriving at the lover’s house, Zikalala poured petrol and set the house on fire. He further vandalised Dlamini’s property.

When this publication visited Dlamini’s home to get her side of the story, she stated that she had nothing to say.

“I have nothing to say, you can go and write whatever you want to,” she said.

When the publication sought comment from the Royal Eswatini Police Service (REPS) Chief Police Information and Communications Officer Phindile Vilakati, she confirmed the incident, and stated that Zikalala had been arrested.

Vilakati further mentioned that the suspect had been charged with malicious damage to property, and will be appearing at the Manzini Magistrate’s Court today.

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