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By Bahle Gama | 2020-01-15

The Central Bank of Eswatini has announced the reopening of government bonds worth E160 million.

An advert by the bank stated that the bonds will be issued using the competitive multiple bid auction models and is open to the public including individuals, corporate and institutional investors.

The government bonds are SG033 at E30 million, SG034 at E40 million, SG041 at E40 million and SG042 at E50 million.


It states that all investors should apply through the primary dealers who are the four local commercial banks.

The purpose of the issuance is to develop the secondary market, establish a fair market price which will compensate both the borrower and investors for interest rate risks and to facilitate financial intermediation, whilst also meeting government budgetary requirements.

The applicable pricing supplements and other relevant documents pertaining to the issuance is available for viewing at the financial markets department of the CBE situated on the third floor Umntsholi Building in Mbabane.

The CBE also invited interested parties to contact their commercial banks or collect application forms and further details at the financial markets department.

The coupon rates of the bonds are fixed at 9.25 per cent, 9.75 per cent, 9.85 per cent and 10.25 per cent, respectively.

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