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By Delisa Thwala | 2019-12-03

IN what should have been a grocery shopping of the year for a middle class family in Gelekeceni, Ezulwini, has turned out to be a lost course after their maid took off with their monthly grocery.

In an unusual case, the maid is said to have escaped with almost everything the family bought on the much anticipated Black Friday sale.

It is said that the maid left behind only the items she deemed too heavy to carry around and took everything else which included lunch box meals, meat, juice, supper packs and other house necessities bought on the day.

Narrating the story to the media, the helper Sindi Sibandze said she finds no wrong in what she did.

During the interview, she stated that she has not received her salary for some time now and the family had the audacity to go on a shopping spree.

Sindi said she has not been paid, sometimes when she is supposed to be paid they would give her excuses and ask her to compensate her leave days by staying with the children and get not even quarter of her salary.

The helper said she finds nothing wrong as she was just returning a favour to the family as they had treated her badly.

Sibandze said she has worked hard for the family and gave them nothing but respect and loyalty but they always had excuses on her pay day and they never gave her day off.

“What I have done is actually nothing. This family has been relying on me for domestic help but they never took care of my well being. I had to fight for my peace in that house and was not paid on time,” narrated Sibandze.

In between high raged voices and angry tones, Sindi continued telling the publication that she reached a breaking point on Friday when her employer instead of paying her went on a Black Friday shopping spree.  “November is the third month I have not received my monthly salary. I keep putting up with these excuses from my employer but Friday was the last straw. I do not plan on returning these groceries. I also have a family to take care of.

 I have a child I should be supporting but how do I do that if I work but not paid? I have no choice but to compensate myself with the grocery,” explained a fuming Sindi.

Sibandze also added that if her employer found her actions baseless and out of character she should go to the police and report her. She further said the people should ask themselves why she has not gone to the police already.

When reached for a comment, the employer Phumzile Mamba said that she was still shocked and does not want to deal with the matter via the media.

“I’m not going to discuss my domestic issues with the media. I want privacy and I have nothing further to say,” said Mamba in a stern and commanding voice.

Mamba further disputed claims that she has not paid Sibandze and directed this publication to its sources.

“You seem very much informed, why don’t you go back to your glorious source and get the whole details,” she muttered as she hanged up her phone.

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