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By Phetsile Mamba | 2019-12-03

ARTISTS have revealed that they usually opt for freebies due to lack of exposure for them to showcase their art.

Toxik Mamba of Toxik Entertainment said local artists wre looking for platforms to showcase their craft and make money whilst doing so.

 The most unfortunate part is there is lack of such platforms where most shows and festivals that exist are dominated by the same individuals which then makes the young upcoming talents become desperate.

“ Look at most corporate events or corporate funded events in the kingdom, they all have the same acts, you would swear that a group of individuals are the only artists in the country and this is not because they’re talented more or have better marketing schemes, No.

“The truth is we have the same individuals who are supposed to be looking after the welfare of every artist in the kingdom, but they are taking care of their own agendas and their own friends.

“We have so much talent in the kingdom but no proper structure is in place to take care of the artists and their craft.

“That is why a young artist will beg for performance slots and will go as low as offering their service for free. What that then does is devalue the artists and their craft and then now you  have artists that can’t pay bills or even look after their brands because their craft is not making any income,” said Mamba.

Event host Nicky said it was not necessary freebies to other people but it's what they can get because getting paid is something they never dream of.

 “I have mixed emotions about it, because some artists depend on those freebies, while others are just being greedy and insensitive to the event organisers,” Nicky said.

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