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By Delisa Thwala | 2019-11-09

 School, modelling, school, friends and modelling again is what sums up Lutsandvo Vilane’s life who is currently in Ukraine pursuing a modelling career and acquiring a qualification all in one go.

The shy and light skinned model shares that she has never envisioned so much growth in her life but has always known she is headed for big things.

‘’I was born and raised in Ludzeludze just a small community in the Kingdom of Eswatini. It can be difficult to think of modelling, especially because a lot needs to be done in an impoverished area; one can only dare to dream of becoming something better,’’ explains the eloquent model.

Asked how has modelling in a different country changed her life, Vilane is quick to say there is a lot of difference in Eswatini and other countries.

“Given that I started modelling when a lot of things in my life didn’t make sense  I look at modelling as my rebirth. It sprung hope in me when I thought I was not good enough. Assuring me that it was not the end of the world,” chips Lutsandvo.

Before, she says she had a really low self-esteem and did not think much of herself but now is focused.

“I am confident, I am woman I don’t break I bend; I am the epitome of elegance but most of all, I am unstoppable. I am like the Phoenix; I rise from the ashes,’’ says the model.

She adds that she has a commanding presence and a changed mindset. This has also taught her to stand her ground and be firm with her decisions.

Lutsandvo is currently studying International Business Management. She says she found it most interesting and challenging because it will broaden her understanding of the global market and various regions of the world. 

She has done magazine covers and promotion photo shoots for a couple of agencies in Ukraine.


The current one is where she  headlines model advertising eye contacts for an eye company. She has done facial photo-shoots and advertising  clothing for a Ukraine company.


“It is not easy to juggle the two but prioritising is key. Constantly reminding myself that I am not in Ukraine to be a Superstar but I am on foreign lands furthering my education. I have photo sessions based on my school timetable that just makes everything easier,” concludes Vilane.

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