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By Emmanuel Sula Dlamini – Senior Deputy National Commissioner of Police | 2019-11-08

In response to the Editor’s last week article; ‘Natcom William Tsitsibala Dlamini is weak’ the Royal Eswatini Police Service exercising their right to reply has through Senior Deputy National Commissioner of Police Emmanual Sula Dlamini responded to the article as follows;


ON Page 17 of the Eswatini Observer edition of Monday, October 28, 2019, there is a feature by one renowned Senior Journalist which in essence, when putting aside the ‘below the belt’ headline, generally questions the aptitude and seriousness of the Police Service as a law enforcement entity to decisively and progressively deal with the crime nemesis in general, and crimes affecting vulnerable categories viz; women and children in particular.

Cited in the feature in subject, are several recent ‘high profile’ cases where certain prominent figures in society are implicated, which the police are perceived to be handling in a lackadaisical fashion, giving an impression of being over-awed by the statuses or social standing of the alleged perpetrators.

It is unfortunate that such an impression of being ‘weak-kneed’ has been created when the position regarding the matters in subject is that, they have been dealt with in the most judicious of fashions, and their further processing before the next logical step is taken in such matters, is now vested with the responsible authority in the Criminal Justice value chain.

The only case that is still being worked on by the police on account of certain twists and intricacies which have since unravelled, is that which involves one senior government official. 

The referred to matter, will also be tied up as soon as possible and referred to the relevant structures.

Suffice that, what should be understood and appreciated by all categories of our cherished partners out there, venerable members of the Fourth Estate inclusive, is that matters reported to the police, whilst at face value may to the untrained eye, appear as ‘open and shut’ cases where the police should just arrest the said suspects, in reality, this is not always the case.  In most instances, beneath the surface, there are various factors and dynamics that should be gone through with a ‘fine tooth comb’ before the truth is established.

 In an event where the police can blindly act on emotion and sentiment, that would be dangerous and irresponsible, as it can inexorably lead to opening floodgates of civil suits and other actions that would leave us as a law enforcement agency, plastered with the proverbial ‘egg on our faces’.

May we conclude by reiterating that the Royal Eswatini Police Service remains committed to executing its responsibilities with the highest level of professionalism and to provide quality service to the nation.

As we continue to discharge this onerous mandate, we count on the goodwill and support of all our stakeholders, especially to advise us in areas where we are seen as missing the mark, as we earnestly wish to believe was the intent and object of the feature we have referred to.

Issued by:

Emmanuel Sula Dlamini – Senior Deputy National Commissioner of Police

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