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By Bahle Gama | 2019-10-21

The business community has been urged to embrace the noble idea of the National Customer Service Week (NCSW).

This was said by Chief Ndlaluhlaza Ndwandwe during the Eswatini Service Excellence Awards held at Sibayeni on Friday evening.

Ndwandwe was speaking on behalf of the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Trade Manqoba Khumalo.

He said that the business community should take part in events like the launch march, customer experience conference and the awards.

“The only way our companies can survive into the future and to differentiate themselves as corporates in this borderless world is through utilisation and adoption of customer management strategies.

 Long term survival and competitive advantage can only be attained by establishing an emotional bond with the customers,” he said. He further stated that with the dominance of social media today, the voice of a friend carries greater weight than the voice of a formal corporate website. More-so because competitors are now a mouse click away.  “It is high time that we craft a national customer service charter, an all-stakeholder service delivery blue print to help all organisations from both private and public sectors to promote service excellence and to ensure service delivery. This might not happen today, or this year, but if we work together, Eswatini is going to be known as a global tourist and investment destination premised not only on good policies but on legendary service excellence,” he said.


He added that service excellence also creates a unique opportunity for government and business to work together to achieve mutual goals and aspirations. It is a catalyst for economic and social growth and true ‘World Class’ Customer Service reaches to the four corners of the planet through reputation and reality.

“I believe we all recognise the vital economic and social role that Eswatini’s tourism industry plays in this economy. Fostering a culture of service excellence must, therefore, certainly be high on the national agenda.

 Because Customer Service is the future; and we can no longer ignore it anymore. Companies will never have a product or price advantage again, for this can be easily duplicated, but a strong customer service culture cannot be copied,” he added.

He further applauded the strides which IRDM and its partners have taken to conduct the Eswatini Service Excellence Awards, stating that he believed that this would be key not only to the business but to policy makers and investors.

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