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By Macford Sibandze | 2019-09-11

I am joining the world in condemning the savage ethnocentrism in South Africa by hoodlums disguised as patriotic citizens.

These vandals don’t even form 1 per cent of the 57 million population of the country but have procured a tender and won it; putting the country in the spotlight for wrong reasons. My caption would have been; THE XENOPHOBIC EUPHORIA SHOULD NOT BLIND US AGAINST THE EVILS OF SOME FOREIGNERS. But I had to defer it because I would have been seen to be insensitive because of the timing.

 But as the dust settles, because every storm has to pass, we have to interrogate this subject, that of the foreigners with horrendous agendas. I want to put it to you that unless this subject is given the attention it deserves, it is a recipe for disaster as sooner or later we will be seeing these eruptions.

 I strongly believe there is a connection; thin as it may be, between such attacks and the muddy baggage some foreigners bring into other countries. In response to such, locals take the law into their hands, correcting a wrong with a wrong. Frustrated with the slow wheel of justice, they resort to anarchy. This is utterly wrong, of course, two wrongs don’t make a right.


The emotional analysis of this prevalence ignores the damage that some foreigners do in other countries. As we castigate these barbaric assaults these shenanigans have to be addressed. We have good people and bad people in every society, Good Emaswati-Bad Emaswati.

 Good Nigerians-Bad Nigerians. Good South Africans-Bad South Africans. Good Zimbabweans-Bad Zimbabweans. I will concentrate on the bad of our society. The bad foreigners in this case.


These bad foreigners are kingpins in hard core killer drug sale and trafficking, organised prostitution, money laundering, cyber theft, human trafficking, organised crimes, etc. These are prevalent in hot spots areas of the country; Johannesburg, Pretoria, Richards Bay, Durban, Cape Town, etc.

Maybe I have to state that I have stayed in South Africa, full time, for close to seven years. I have stayed in some of these areas such as Hillbrow, Jeeps Town, Berea, Yoeville and Rosentiville. These are places littered with foreigners-good and bad. Three particular nations that I will not mention run these places as Pimps and drug kingpins.

One nation in particular has a mass project of hi-jackings and killings. Its true locals also have their own horrendous demons; rapes, murder, corruption, etc. And from time immemorial the country has been a capital city of crime but the dynamics have changed.


If you still refer to dagga, cocaine or mandrax as drugs then you have been overtaken by events; these are just sweets, éclair pops or peppermints. These bad foreigners have brought a new breed of drugs that kill instantly or reduce one to a mental case.

Worse, they are given to small kids as young as eight. Seeing these incidents almost everyday of my life while staying there, used to traumatise me; because I would often see children killed by adults for the love of money.

These thugs have a devil care free attitude, as long as they make money. As I walked around I would be invited to the anger of the locals about these ‘evil foreigners’ who ‘kill our children.’

I would hear mothers swearing everyday that their kids are auctioned for sex. Get me clear, locals also play a role but to the many citizens there is this under current of, the foreigners; especially nations and so is killing our children. That’s the perception and perception is reality and becomes more real when crime statistics suggest so. Meanwhile, the locals feel the authorities have buried their heads in the sand on such matters.



What we must know is that, except in sophisticated few minds; a foreigner is just a foreigner; Be it India, Portugal, Ukraine, Eswatini, etc.

If there is wrong doing and it involves a foreigner, attention immediately shifts to the outsider. That’s the attitude. I hope readers will understand my stand point about the ‘mad’ notion of the ‘foreigner.’

The bad part of this is that even good foreigners feel the brunt. I don’t refer to the truck incidents here; that’s a case of the country’s ‘pie in the sky’ job creation! So if there are no jobs; they are taken by the ‘foreigner.’


In Eswatini we had our own crimes but the influx of our brothers from the East introduced us to guns and the crime landscape forever changed. But as Emaswati, we stood and watched, murmuring in our private spaces, unlike South Africa; a country with a history of violence, we welcomed it as the new culture on the crime stratosphere.

Like I said we are not like our neighbour, who, since Zwide and Shaka’s Mfecane wars; has been blood spots. Since 1652; Jan Van Rebeeck, an accident in history, white supremacy has created disparities so is the apartheid’s amplitude test on violence; which the people pass with flying colours.

As Emaswati we had leaders who were experts on how to walk on the tight rope of diplomacy; Sobhuza 1, dribbling his way out of Zwide’ Mass Murder Project; Sobhuza 11, massaging Socialist Mozambique and apartheid South Africa.


Emaswati leaders’ infectious diplomacy was transfused into the blood of its citizens. But this is not the case with our neighbour who has a militant culture.

So as we scratch into these xenophobic attacks we must not ignore hooliganism; opportunistic, good for nothing thugs, on leave for life loafers, who have taken advantage of the situation. But again there is this ethnic group who is war-like and volatile.

I once resided in Jeep’s Town, ask me any day; I don’t miss it. Thinking of it makes my blood run cold. In a drop of a hat people slaughter and butcher others like animals. Are these humans? Do they have a decent sleep? They do. Violence is a way of life to them.



Independence in South Africa means ‘government is a social enterprise and does everything for the people, build houses, toilets, provide toilet papers and even pay people to have sex through ‘imali yecolo.’

This dependence syndrome is the reason we are in this impasse.

 By now you know that the RDP project by Comrade Joe Slovo has completely failed due to continuity, corruption and fiscal crisis. It was a good one but it is not sustainable.

Show me five countries that have done it successfully in Africa and I will show you tears in the sea. It is a heavy load, burning coals that will burn the leadership until thy kingdom come.



Do these hooligans care about the financial weather conditions? Nada! A promise is a promise. I can hear them say that. The government got independence after 99 per cent of Africa already free. But they didn’t consult them, they thought they have all the answers. Now the chickens have come home to roost. Many of the positions they took have come back to haunt it. For instance the A child and Pay Policy has backfired. Girls start ‘family planning’ at 13; by 18 they get money for 5 kids because LABOUR PAIN is now LABOUR PAY. What nation are we building? These kids born of imali yecolo will be men and women tomorrow. What type of men and women? A counter to this gender imbalance of paying girls for a ‘job’ done by men has produced a new social ill; Sperm Donors!

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